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read books aloud

Being read to is one of childhood’s favorite activities. All those precious moments of reading to your child before bedtime or when they are ill are impressed upon their young minds, merging the telling of enjoyable tales with a parent’s love and care. So what better way to unify your family than to read books aloud as a whole family?

Everyone loves a story, and your family is no different. When you read books aloud to your family you enjoy a marvelous shared experience. Not only does it afford enjoyable time together for a unified purpose, but it also provides an opportunity to discuss the values and choices expressed in the story and helps to focus attention on positive and wholesome solutions to the problems of life.

How do you find fiction books for kids that are suitable for the whole family? There are many books suitable for reading aloud to the whole family, including many classics of children’s literature. But if you want a more contemporary feel, check out the family favorite, “Saving Bluestone Belle by Strawberry Shakespeare. A delightful comic-adventure that makes you laugh out loud and turn the pages like there’s no tomorrow, “Saving Bluestone Belle” also gives much food for thought and discussion. It touches on topical issues of broken homes, animal cruelty, emotionally neglected kids, and the importance of being true to yourself. This book provides both a highly entertaining and high quality experience for every family member while inviting discussion of family values, life choices and the consequences of behavior. 

Whatever book you choose to read aloud to your family, know that you are helping your family grow closer through this shared experience. In your discussions about the books or stories, you are reaffirming the values you hold most dearly. And perhaps most importantly, when you read books aloud as a family it instills an appreciation and love of reading in your children. And what greater gift is there?

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