How to Encourage Your Child to Read Books

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Children are like little sponges, absorbing all that happens around them and storing in their memory banks images of you and how you live. Everything you do offers an example to your child of how an adult behaves and what it means to be an adult. It is no different when it comes to reading books. Seeking out excellent fiction books for kids and giving them the gift of a great read is important, but it’s not the only way to help your child enjoy reading. Another way is to give your child the memory of you reading books.

Do your children see you quietly reading books or magazines? If so, you have contributed mightily to their appreciation and love of reading. Do your children go with you to the library or bookstore and watch you search for and acquire books? If so, you are imprinting upon their minds the indelible image that adults seek out and value books.

There is no greater encouragement for reading that you can offer your child than the example of your own love for reading. If there is some resistance to reading in your child, look to yourself and most especially to the parent of the same sex. For example, a boy who is a reluctant reader often has a father who has either pushed him to read books that he doesn’t enjoy or who is himself a non-reader. Children may respond with avoidance and withdrawal when feeling pressured to read, even if the pressure is sensed and not spoken. Similarly, they will pick up on your lack of interest in reading subconsciously and out of their love for you and natural desire to be like you, will imitate that.

Your sincere love of books and reading will automatically be conveyed to your children at a subconscious level. Be aware of how important you are in shaping every aspect of your child’s future, including their love of reading. Give your child the gift of a high quality life filled with the ongoing enjoyment and exploration reading books provides. Seek out the best fiction books for kids and read books aloud to your family. Better yet, be a reader yourself and you will have a family of readers.

“Saving Bluestone Belle” by Strawberry Shakespeare is a stand-out as one of the best fiction books for kids that parents also enjoy. Targeted for children ages 9-12, it has become popular reading for all age groups – from teens to grandparents. Check out this rollicking tale here.

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