How to Choose Fiction Books for Kids

fiction books for kids

No matter what your kid’s past behavior has been in regard to reading — total avoidance, full enjoyment or anything in between — in selecting fiction books for kids you can be certain they will gladly read books that bring them pleasure. Whether it’s allowing their imagination to soar in a fantasy tale, feeling the excitement of adventure in an action-oriented story, enjoying the fun and laughter of a humorous fable, or being compelled to turn the pages of a suspenseful saga, pleasure is what drives reading in kids.

By understanding this basic concept, you can find high quality fiction books for kids that offer some or all of the above features. As a result, you will suddenly discover that your child is reading like a champ or seems more motivated to overcome their reading weaknesses. And isn’t that what it’s all about? A lifelong love of reading and learning, as you know, produces a more intelligent, more financially successful and more socially effective adult.

So start with the idea of pleasure in selecting fiction books for kids and you won’t go wrong. That does not mean that you need to throw quality out the window. Pleasure and quality can and do exist hand and hand, if you choose wisely. Ideally, you want to give your child books that they will enjoy but which will also edify them in some way. But the problem with the books your child has rejected in the past is that they are missing the pleasure factor. Allow yourself to let go of the idea that your children should force themselves to read books that have undeniable quality but which they do not enjoy, and instead allow them to find their own level in reading, even if this means comic books or graphic novels. This is the route to developing a dedicated and avid reader in adulthood. Don’t be afraid you’ll create an adult who only reads comic books if you allow reading pleasure to come first in childhood.

Did you know that the brain does not complete its structural development until the age of 21? It’s true — your child will be developing their mental powers all the way through early adulthood. They will eventually find their own way in choosing and enjoying books. But until kids discover for themselves the importance of reading and are internally motivated to read, you can cultivate their attraction to reading by recognizing the ways in which books bring pleasure to children and seek to provide those types of books for your child.

Of the fiction books for kids that combine pleasure and quality, did you know that both avid and reluctant readers ages 9-12 love the teacher-recommended “Saving Bluestone Belle” by Strawberry Shakespeare? Kids are not only swept away by this funny and suspenseful action tale, they are uplifted and encouraged to be true to themselves and to the vulnerable creatures in their care. Click here for more information about this and other fiction books for kids.


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