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“Saving Bluestone Belle” by Strawberry Shakespeare is one of our favorite, teacher-approved fiction books for kids ages 9-12. It tells the story of Homer Easton, a lonely ten year old who runs an online business from his bedroom selling horse merchandise. The boy’s best friend is a magnificent white horse named Bluestone Belle, who he calls ‘Blue’ for short because of  her clear blue eyes.

Could Homer be so unlucky that on his tenth birthday his best friend is stolen by a couple of really bad guys? Unfortunately–he is! But before you can sing, ‘Happy Birthday To You,’ Homer has already hit the road with a motley special forces team–his housekeeper, his personal trainer and his personal psychiatrist–to retrieve his precious horse from the evil thieves. Little does he know how much danger both he and Blue are in!

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Before all is said and done, Homer will have crossed desert and sea in search of Blue and will have to figure out how to escape from a dungeon in the fortress belonging to the head of the evil gang. Can he save his own life and rescue Blue? You’ll have to read this fiction book to find out!

For parents seeking uplifting fiction books for kids, “Saving Bluestone Belle” hits all the right notes. It not only makes kids laugh at Homer’s funny antics and keeps them glued to the page with breathless adventure and heart-pounding suspense, but it also inspires kids to be true to themselves and to care about the most vulnerable creatures among us.

Its underlying animal rights theme gives “Saving Bluestone Belle” much in common with beloved literary classics that take a stand against animal cruelty, such as “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell. You will be proud of choosing “Saving Bluestone Belle” for your child from among the many fiction books for kids. The charming illustrations and poignant message of this remarkable novel will resonate in your heart and theirs for a very long time.

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For teachers and parents, this is one of the best read aloud books for the classroom or the whole family. Together you will laugh over Homer’s quirky nature, you will gasp when danger lurks or weep when the end seems near for Blue. Ultimately you will cheer for a ten year old kid who attempts to outfox his deadly opponent.

Both avid and reluctant readers agree that “Saving Bluestone Belle” is one of the most exciting fiction books for kids they’ve ever read. Get it for your resistant reader and watch them devour it like cotton candy! It is also among the few books for children that are enjoyed by both boys and girls. So make your child happy with the gift of this rollicking novel. You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Strawberry Shakespeare, “Saving Bluestone Belle” is available in hardcover and paperback or as an Amazon Kindle download. The print editions can be ordered from your favorite bookstore or purchased online from trustworthy sites such as

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