Fiction Books for Kids Presents Saving Bluestone Belle for Kindle!

Saving Bluestone Belle Kindle Edition

We are pleased to announce that the Fiction Books for Kids 2010 Family Choice winner for children ages 9-12, Saving Bluestone Belle by Strawberry Shakespeare, is now available on Amazon Kindle! This means that you can enjoy this popular adventure novel in three exciting formats: paperback, hardcover and the new Kindle digital edition.

Click here to check out Saving Bluestone Belle in the Amazon Kindle Store. When you arrive, follow these three easy steps: first, note the incredible cover art, which hints at the delightful illustrations awaiting you inside.  Second, read the colorful book description. Third, download Saving Bluestone Belle instantly to your Kindle e-reader or related device and enjoy!

Not sure what a Kindle e-reader is or whether it’s right for you or your child? Click here for more information on the Amazon Kindle, which is the world’s topselling e-reader for adults and children.

For parents interested in learning more about Saving Bluestone Belle, which is one of our favorite fiction books for kids, click here to read our review of Saving Bluestone Belle and check out what Amazon customers have to say about this book.

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