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Welcome to the Fiction Books for Kids site! We recognize that a child who reads books tends to become a more educated, successful and prosperous adult. Therefore, this website is dedicated to selecting the best fiction books for kids ages 9-12 and to supporting parents and teachers in their quest to find great fiction books that will increase a child’s interest in reading.

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By our definition, the best fiction books for kids tell positive, edifying stories while keeping kids glued to the page and thoroughly entertained. To that end, we plan to review the books your 9-12 year old is guaranteed to adore, everything from beloved children’s classics to the hottest new fiction.
Click here to learn why “Saving Bluestone Belle” gets our highest recommendation.

In addition, we maintain a special focus on the family. We encourage family bonding by identifying books that are suitable for all ages and can be read aloud to the whole family.
Click here to learn why reading books aloud is one of the most positive and enjoyable activities your family can share.

Teachers will also want to bookmark this site and return often for great suggestions about the best fiction books for kids to read aloud in the classroom.
Click here for our latest classroom recommendations.

Finally, this site also aims to help parents deal effectively with the reluctant reader in their midst and to locate those special books that both an avid reader and a reluctant reader will love.
Click here if you would like to learn one of the easiest ways to encourage your child to read books.

Thank you for visiting our site. Visit often and Enjoy!

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