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Welcome to the Fiction Books for Kids site! We recognize that a child who reads books tends to become a more educated, successful and prosperous adult. Therefore, this website is dedicated to selecting the best fiction books for kids ages 9-12 and to supporting parents and teachers in their quest to find great fiction books that [...]

Fiction Books for Kids Presents Saving Bluestone Belle for Kindle!

We are pleased to announce that the Fiction Books for Kids 2010 Family Choice winner for children ages 9-12, Saving Bluestone Belle by Strawberry Shakespeare, is now available on Amazon Kindle! This means that you can enjoy this popular adventure novel in three exciting formats: paperback, hardcover and the new Kindle digital edition. Click here to check out Saving Bluestone Belle in the Amazon [...]

Best of 2010 Kindle Fiction Books for Kids

Did you know that fiction books for kids are selling like hotcakes on Amazon’s ebook reader, the Kindle? It’s true – sales of electronic Kindle books on Amazon have far outpaced print book sales in 2010 and that includes children’s books. More kids than ever before have their very own Kindle ebook reader, with the numbers steadily growing. Why? Because the [...]

Best of 2010 Fiction Books for Kids!

  Amazon’s eagerly awaited annual list of the Best of 2010 Fiction Books for Kids ages 9-12 is finally here! And best of all, every one of these marvelous books are stocked in our Amazon-powered Fiction Books for Kids Store. Read on for a complete rundown. Best of 2010 Fiction Books for Kids Ages 9-12 Amazon has divided their Best Books [...]

Fiction Books for Kids Spotlight: Saving Bluestone Belle

“Saving Bluestone Belle” by Strawberry Shakespeare is one of our favorite, teacher-approved fiction books for kids ages 9-12. It tells the story of Homer Easton, a lonely ten year old who runs an online business from his bedroom selling horse merchandise. The boy’s best friend is a magnificent white horse named Bluestone Belle, who he calls ‘Blue’ for short [...]

How to Encourage Your Child to Read Books

Children are like little sponges, absorbing all that happens around them and storing in their memory banks images of you and how you live. Everything you do offers an example to your child of how an adult behaves and what it means to be an adult. It is no different when it comes to reading books. Seeking [...]

How to Choose Fiction Books for Kids

No matter what your kid’s past behavior has been in regard to reading — total avoidance, full enjoyment or anything in between — in selecting fiction books for kids you can be certain they will gladly read books that bring them pleasure. Whether it’s allowing their imagination to soar in a fantasy tale, feeling the excitement of [...]

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