Saving Bluestone Belle

Our featured book, “Saving Bluestone Belle” by Strawberry Shakespeare, was written for kids ages 9-12 but has found an enthusiastic audience among all ages. The recipient of numerous honors and awards, “Saving Bluestone Belle” has been featured at Book Fairs and Animal Rights Conventions, and has also been a Children’s Book Club selection and an Honorable Mention at the Hollywood Book Festival in Los Angeles. An Amazon bestseller in its category, it is the perfect choice for your tween child or for a readaloud with the whole family. This instant classic of children’s literature enlightens while it entertains. Your child will adore the humor, the fast-paced action and the heart-pounding suspense, all delightfully captured in full page illustrations. For those who love horses, “Saving Bluestone Belle” is a must read and sure to become one of your favorite fiction books for kids.

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